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Valentine Collage v1.0

Valentine collage

I’m playing with my organized paper. Still. Again. Some more. This is one result from filing my scraps away into their appropriate folders. I got to the pinks and reds and was distracted overcome by creativity.

That happens to us. That’s how 2create was born!

Valentine-collage, details

Why am I calling this “v1.0” you may ask? Here’s what you’re not supposed to do if you’re a blogger. I’ll probably catch some flack from Sam ;) I’m critiqueing my project.

It is v1.0 because I’m not thrilled with how the bottom right square of this 4-patch style collage turned out, ESPECIALLY in these photos!!! For one, I used Sakura clear Glaze pen around the edges of the solid-like hearts, and although it gives a cool result in real life, it doesn’t photo so well.

Another reason, and why I will likely redo that whole bottom right square: everything was fine until the lasssssst step, when I took the magenta Micron pen around the edges of the heart for a little doodling. It TESTED just fine on my scraps. Doesn’t look that great in real life. Looks ACKKK! awful in these photos LOL…  Add to that the effects of the glaze pen… Well.

But isn’t that the nature of creativity? Trial and error. Test runs if you’re smart. Willingness to create a do-over if you want it different… so here’s Heart Collage v1.0 for your viewing pleasure. Just don’t judge by the bottom right doodling! ;)

Valentine-collage v1.0, bottom right square will be a do-over!

Ack. But also, love! It’s 90% what I wanted!

Thanks to our friend Stacy for a little late evening critique :) at the halfway point!


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