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Hubby Valentine


My hubby is owed about a trillion Valentine’s Day cards. He always remembers me with one. Me… not so much. I think I used to be good at that, about a trillion years ago. So this year, with my scrapbook supplies in better and better organizational shape and accessibility, I made him one! EARLY even! You need to be sure and make note of that ;)

One of the things I ran across in my ScrapRack organization efforts were these die-cut frames I made ages ago at one of the 3 (?) crops I’ve ever been to. So I sat myself down on the floor amidst all my ScrapRack binders and pages — I’m working on them this week — and got busy! Pulled some paper from my Valentines/Hearts and Whites sections of paper; opened up to my red embellishment area, and grabbed my pink scraps!

Hubby-Valentine, made amidst my ScrapRack efforts spread all over my floor!

I hand cut the heart — I like handcut hearts! If I hadn’t smeared something on the first one, I was planning on using its center-folded, grade-school style cuteness. But because of that smear, I used it as a template instead. Hubby wouldn’t have had an appreciatation for that center crease anyway; oh, well!


I took a lot of pens to this card! I used the palest pink Copic marker on the pink paper around the edge of the frame. It’s subtle, especially in THESE photos, but gives a needed hint of dimension. Some white gel pen stitching, and then handwritten sentiments finished it off.

The meaning of the date and the “I love you” in quotes? Way back when we were young and poor college students falling in love, that’s the day we first said it! And here we are, 34 a trillion years later!

I have remembered that date all this time … now if I can only remember where I hid the card come Valentine’s Day!

This post is coming to you from Organized Papercrafting Heaven (betcha didn’t know there was one of those!)


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