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January Yarn Challenge Reveal!



Yay, yarn challenge!  In less than the equivalent of one skein of yarn, Mom (see the rest of hers below) and I each created a yarn project…

And as it turns out we each created a yarn project for Abbi!!

I originally was going to teach myself to knit and make myself a pair of fingerless gloves, and I still want to… but as it got down to the wire I realized there was no sane way to do all that in a couple of days.

Instead I learned a new crochet stitch and made my little lady an ear warmer!  And believe it or not, this was the first time I’ve ever made a crochet flower too!

I’m happy Abbi doesn’t seem to mind headbands or hats (as of now anyway), and she seemed downright content with this one as we goofed around taking photos of it.

Do you think it would be too dorky to make myself a matching one?  I certainly have enough yarn left…


Gail here — my turn to talk about my Yarn Challenge project! When Sam and I started talking about this one-skein-or-less challenge, I knew I was going to make an amigurumi. I love them! I adore small cute things :) And on that note, isn’t my granddaughter ADORABLE??? OK, crazy-grandma moment over LOL

By the time Sam and I finished talking about this and the rest of our monthly challenges this year, I had decided to make a basket of amigurumis over the course of the year, for Abbi to play with at my house. And they instantly became “Abbi-gurumis” in my mind!

This little snowman is as tall as a bottle of craft paint — about 4″ with his hat. He’s completely kid-safe, and I used only what I had on-hand. Hence the 1/8″ satin Spool O’Ribbon scarf: I finished him up at my mom’s ocean-side house 2 hours away, and had forgotten to bring a length of colorful yarn. The ribbon is what I found, and I really kind of like it!


Before Mr. Snowman gets too lonely in my basket-o-gurumi, I’m going to start on my next Abbi-gurumi. You’ll see it in a few weeks! Crocheting is so fun and versatile :) If you are looking for something new, small, and/or toy-like to crochet, there are millions of free amigurumi projects available on the internet.


SO cute!

So looking forward to seeing the rest of her Abbi-gurumis over the course of this year!


  • Michelle - Love the headband, Sam! Abbi is a dollie. As for the matching mommy headband, I say go for it! :-)01.15.2014 – 4:10pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Michelle! I think I’m going to! Thanks for the visit, hope you stick around! Loved perusing your crochet creations! :)01.16.2014 – 6:20pmReplyCancel

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