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What’s up Wednesday: WIP Penguin Hat

So this is a little interesting because I’m trying to do this post on the fly from my phone… it’s been that kind of crazy day where I’m trying to cram all the little bits I’ve got to do into any spare moment.

Currently nursing the baby and typing this up… hello muti-tasking!

And wondering if there is a wordpress app because this is proving near impossible…

Speaking of apps, I’ve been playing with my ‘A Beautiful Mess’ app this morning, hence the fun doodle and font on my photo. :)

Anyway, Abbi and I have started taking walks on every non-rainy day, but it’s a little chilly outside so my work-in-progress this wednesday is a little pengiun hat to keep her little head warm! I think it’s going to be totally cute, Β and I’ll tell you more about it when I’ve got it done!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow and we’ll see you next week!


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