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Smoked Salmon and Caramelized Onion Personal Quiche!

It’s salmon fishing time again!  Aaron is taking advantage, and because he has had some luck our freezer is filling up!

To clear it out some (because it’s almost hunting time again too!), we took out the old salmon, brined it and then smoked it!

After eating some over an egg and toast the other day I had a ‘duh’ moment… time to make a smoked salmon quiche!!

And because this batch ended up particularly salty, I thought some sweet caramelized onions would be a nice balance.

I always take Abbi back to bed with me in the early morning after I’ve fed her, and this morning I woke up before she did… a rare occurence!

So I hopped out of bed and went and sliced some onions to start caramelizing!  LOW and SLOW… so three hours later I had that golden goodness to add to my quiche!

(Meanwhile… there she is still snoozin away… cutie pie!)

I also decided to make these personal sized so it was easy to reheat one, or Aaron could grab one on his way out the door in the morning and reheat at work.

BTW… I heart my ramekins!  :)

In those ramekins I layered the onions, some herbed goat cheese, the smoked salmon and some tomatoes!

Then I poured in an egg & cream mixture and popped them in the oven.

Don’t they look yummy?!  I also had some mini tart shells hanging out in my freezer so I made some super mini quiches too!  Bite sized for snackin!

I’m so excited to eat these for breakfast this week!  And I’m so excited that they are already made!  Not every day is as productive as today has been, haha!


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