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What’s Up Wednesday: Pin-spiration

We are starting a new “thing” on Wednesdays… “What’s Up Wednesday”!  Since we alternate Wednesdays that means one of us has three posts every week, and sometimes that third post leaves us cramming for what to show you!  So we are making it a little easier for us, and hopefully a little more interesting for you.  “What’s Up Wednesday” will either be a “Get Linked”, “Wordless” (which we will try to be actually WORDLESS), “Work in Progress”, or “Pin-spiration.”

We are thinking that giving us some limits will actually help us be a little more inspired for that third post!  I know I was a little more inspired by delving into my first ‘Pin-spiration’ post… what is inspiring me from my pinterest feed at the moment!  Click the pictures for a link to the Pin!

Above:  mmmmm… architecture… I’ll always be inspired by it.  A little from the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer!

A little smaller scale architecture… SO want to make one of these this year!!  (possibly a challenge with my blog partner!)

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll… umm, yeah!

A little distressed wall art!  Beach Style!

CUTE… do they make these in adult sizes ;)

Fall and healthy!  (PS… a lot of my fave recipes come from Two Peas!)

Time to decorate!

Love this bright abstract art!

Hope you found some thing inspiring in this collection of Pin-spiration!  :)


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