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CQ Nametag: Finished

I thought about having a Finished Friday post this week, but didn’t want to jinx things, so you’ll see that list of projects one by one :)

This is my crazy quilt nametag for the quilt group I joined a few weeks ago. There is a raffle drawing once a month for those who have their nametags on. No more tacky scribbled nametags made from sticky notes! (pun intended)

I have a hard time knowing when to stop, being fairly new and inexperienced to actually DO-ing CQ. I’ve admired and studied crazy quilts for years. But the doing is a whole ‘nuther thing.

Since I’m fairly fabric-centric, I have made a decision as to my CQ style. That is, fabric is not there just to be covered up with embroidery and embellishments. I will accent and enhance the fabrics as possible.

Whew! That was a major turning point in deciding to be done with this nametag.

I will wear this proudly Thursday!

Oh, my name? Hopefully my neighbor will be able to run it up on her embroidery sewing machine so I can applique it in the center, where the white paper is. If not, I’ll be doing a little bit more chain stitch embroidery! By Thursday! I wonder what the raffle prize is this month?

Happy Stitching! Have you tried crazy quilting?


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