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My turn at the Machine :)

The last 6 posts in the Yarn & Yardage category have come from my blog partner… this time it was my turn to show you something I made with my sewing machine!!

Yes… I made this dress all by myself!  And no… I can’t give you a DIY post because I still have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to sewing.  LOL  ;)

The tank dress I wore underneath I made based on a different tank dress I already owned, but it was the wrong color and there wasn’t quite enough room for my Skittle belly… so I added some extra width when i traced and thankfully it worked out!

I say thankfully, because like I said… I really don’t know what I’m doing.  ;)

And the skirt?  Isn’t that fabric awesome!  It’s just a big rectangle with an elastic waist, and a slight overlap in front so I didn’t even have to sew a seam up the dress!

I wore this to my family baby shower on Saturday and had such a great time!  This dress turned out to be awesome too, because it was HOT outside!  I’m excited to have this for the rest of my pregnant summer, and I’m excited that with a couple minor changes I can probably wear it after Skittle joins me outside my belly too ;)

Happy Monday!


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