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Burlap Table Mat WIP


Ever since I did this locker hooking project on burlap, I’ve had this idea tossing around in my head.

I had pulled some threads out of the burlap to create a geometric pattern. Later, after I was done, I wove some of those threads back into the burlap just playing around.

I liked it. So for months now, everytime I see burlap on Pinterest or in a craft email or blog, I think of those woven squares on burlap.

Finally I had to do something about it.


My friends at JoAnn keep asking me what I am doing with all this burlap. I have to keep going back for more.

That’s because I got started on this idea with a smallish piece of natural. Then I decided I wanted the cream. Then my chunk of natural turned out to not be quite enough and the remainder was packed up (still working on my ~studio~ redo.)

… I like what I have going on so far. Weaving in the strands unraveled from one color burlap into the other is very Zen.

So I’ve been to buy burlap three times recently. This time I finally caved in and got some green, too. I wonder why it took me this long. It’s green!

Oh, and hey, I got to do math! Threads per inch, number of woven squares I wanted, how big could the squares be, what margin did I want to leave around the edges… math makes me happy.

These squares are about 1.25″ big, woven over 13 threads x 13 threads. Funny enough, there will be 13 squares on each end of this mat. I hope I don’t end up breaking out in hives from the burlap or some other bad-luck thing!

I’ll be working on this outside during summer days after this. You would NOT want to sit on my couch right now. It’s a little fiber-y. Scratchy fibers.

Who would ever really want a burlap pillow, cute as they may be? I’ll stick to items that won’t actually be touching me when in use, thank you very much!

I’m trying to avoid taking the burlap to my sewing machine to stabilize the edges. It’s all clean and shiny from its trip to the sewing machine spa. If you decide to weave a little block to stabilize the corners (like I tried above), do it before you ravel the edges. It’s got to be easier! I think a little fabric glue on the back side may be just the ticket to tidy up this particular corner.

My burlap table mat — like a giant place mat, not a runner — coordinates with my everyday dishes. Now if I could just keep all my WIPs off the table, maybe we’d actually eat at it now and then ;)



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