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WIPs, To Do’s, and UFOs From My Sewing Room

WIPs, UFOs, and a To Do Pile: I’ve got them all!  And they all need sewing! These pieces above were supposed to end up as pockets on the tote below, I think — it’s been a while.

I began the de-mucking stage of my sewing room/craft studio, gathering up like with like and trying to get a sense of how I can stage this whole room re-do without actually emptying the whole room. It would take over the house! Did I mention I have a lot of fabric? And I like to have all the toys? :D

I went looking for the unfinished projects so I could set them aside to keep me busy while the room is out of commission.

I found projects with just one step left to do. Those are the To-Do’s. (yes, it’s OK to use an apostrophe there ;) )

I found Works In Progress; those items I have recently worked on and that I still consider active. Just not very active :/

I found UnFinished Objects, some of which were fun to rediscover, buried in a basket I thought had only leftover fabrics. UFOs don’t have to be quilting projects, but the quilters certainly have adopted the term for their own! A couple of these UFOs haven’t seen the light of day for years.

I learned how to make the clever 5-piece quilt block on a retreat, and with another for a pillow back it will likely go to someone who’s reading this blog… and might look at her cheater card for leaving comments ;)  … elastic into waistbands, a set of summer napkins to finish off.

I’ll be working on these projects in the next few weeks while I clean, sort, purge (not much, heehee), rearrange, strip wallpaper and paint 2 walls, do some furniture spray-painting, and redecorate and set everything up!

HEY, SAM! Remember when we painted those first two walls? Like when you were a sophomore in HS? eeeep! To the rest of you, it’s not as bad as it sounds:  The remaining two walls are covered with our library shelves and book collection, and my fabric shelves and fabric collection. That stuff’s very hard to move. So you could hardly see the wallpaper anyway, and it wasn’t ugly. Plus, it was green! :)

My super large Christmas shopping bag needs its opening-for-turning stitched closed, and maybe those pockets from the opening pic put onto and into it. Then I will finish the table runner that will coordinate perfectly with my China.

Next on my Studio Re-Do list is bringing ALL my  paper crafting stuff downstairs in one place. It’s getting a complete revamp of my storage system and its own workspace YAY! So it needs to move out of the way no matter what. I dread carrying all the paper back upstairs — wonder how much it’ll cost to bribe my son? Taco Bell for a year ought to do it.

Oh! And the paper will have a new home in the paper storage racks Sam isn’t using anymore, since she has her amazing new Tree-to-Shelf shelf. I’ll use them until Aaron makes me one :D

A machine embellished CQ block I totally forgot about. I wonder where the other coordinating 5 blocks are? Tic Tac Toe game was a kids’ class sample — needs its pieces finished; and the giant tied fleece pillow will lose its Zach Efron backing! 

But anyway, this week is about sewing! As you can see, I sew a variety of stuff and I hope to finish all these projects and find them homes before my sewing room/craft studio is done. Many were samples for classes I taught. Some will just end up being donated probably.  Wherever they’re bound, they’ll be finished first!



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