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It’s Good to Laugh

Good advice for everyone!

You might remember this painted-but-blank canvas from Becca’s and my good start at creating the class project in this post (it’s at the end.)

After thinking about it for a few days (days we spent Tucson, first sunny then snowy but that’s another story!)… where was I? Oh, yeah — distracted by snow in Tucson! … after thinking about this sunshiny canvas, we decided it would be for her to keep, and it would say Laugh.

Laugh is a good word. It needs a busy and musical background. Stamps, splatters, masking with ric-rac… I got creative with what we had.

If you look closely, you can see where I masked out some swirls. They show up brighter pink, and the music notes show more clearly and purple-y in them.

No printer, no Cricut. Drew the letters myself! I handcut blue paper letters to play off the orange/pink/yellow tones. Plus it was all we had :)

Highlight the rich royal blue UP with some turquoise. It seems a more playful blue shade. You’ll see the effect better farther down.

I think, if one is having a grumpy day, one might end up covering the “LA” with a sticky note and be satisfied with “UGH” for a bit. But Laugh is always lurking, and one would know that :)

The letters are outlined with a black Micron pen, and then shadowed with an orange gel pen which gets rubbed and smeared and blended. But it sure makes the letters jump out at you!

Can’t neglect to decorate the sides.

There are two more sides to go…

Becca and I picked up this stamp that says “hello LOVE” and just the LOVE ended up on this canvas. Twice. Right around the corner from each other.

After a layer of Mod Podge over the letters and everything else, more paint accents using some peeled back cardboard, latch hook canvas, stencil brushes, Sharpie Paint pens, and stamps with paint. The words were added to the sides during this phase.

I think the turquoise highlighting makes the letters look full of happiness and fun; almost cartoonish. Do you see the live-laugh-love that I snuck in there?

Forgot to attach the three yellow buttons in a vertical line between the H and the edge. Becca will take care of that soon!

She’s already plotting where to hang this.

I’m having a lot of fun making these mixed media projects! Can’t wait to get home where I have all my stuff to work with!


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