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Desert Inspiration

No, not dessert inspiration! Although there is that mesquite honey, and the prickly pear marmalade that could turn into a desert dessert of some sort.

I looked straight up over my head and saw red seed beads in these tiny brilliant fruits.

Desert inspiration! As in: Inspiration from the dry Desert.

I walked around a corner in one of the aviaries and was stopped in my tracks by this cactus. It glowed with white asterisks from afar. In the photos it looks like eyelet lace. I marvel at the thorn arrangement. It makes me want to embroider!

I think about creativity often. One of my thoughts is that creativity isn’t an inborn gift, but that it is a developed way of viewing the world around you.

And that means you can find creative inspiration everywhere you look.

I love heart motifs. I see them everywhere. Today I saw them in a prickly pear cactus. 

Find creative inspiration for a project; inspiration that equals appreciation — to value our world and its resources more highly; experience an inspired thought or a mental leap that is Uniquely You…

I glanced under a bush as I walked by and saw Mickey Mouse! Or should that be Prickly Mouse? A young and small prickly pear cactus with big ambitions ;)

… and sometimes a seed of inspiration that has the potential to sprout and grow in the future.

Hummingbird nesting season is upon the southern AZ desert. Territorial squabbles, flashes of beautiful color like Sam’s favorite teal that surprised me from under this bird’s tail (I hadn’t noticed it when I took the picture at all), and plenty of attitude. I took mugshots of this feisty fellow. 

Sometimes you have to sit and wait for creativity to settle in, or it will just whir right past you. Some inspiration you can act upon instantly; some you must brew and stew, then plan and prepare. (Kind of like taking pictures of hummingbirds.)

Look at all the colors and shades, the shapes and sizes, the textures rough and smooth, the surprising red spiral at the top center. I only came to appreciate all of that because I was searching for something else, the lizard.

Never stop looking, connecting, being inspired, appreciating. There’s always something to notice!

All images taken during a visit to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson. Don’t miss it.



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