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Sneak Peek: Little Yarncrafting Project

I found these great skeins of yarn packaged together yesterday, and had a brilliant idea for a craft project.

Love the colors! This is the “Celebrate” selection. There are several more.  It was hard to only buy one.

Are you wondering at all about their name: Bonbons? Here’s why…

Eight skeins of yarn in a 2 cup measuring cup. They’re the size of a small Roma tomato. Small.

Soooo C.U.T.E!!!!! I’m in love with yarn bonbons!

But then, between putting the primer coat on my mother-in-law’s kitchen and starting on the real paint, I got started on my project.

Step 1, make pompoms. Lots of pompoms. I started with reds and blues because, after all, it is Veteran’s Day weekend!

Thank you, husband, for your 24 years in the USAF and the adventures it provided for our family!

And yes, another weekend away from home. But I get to paint a whole room the most delicious shade of  *drum roll* GREEN! It’s all good. And I would not have found these totally SQEEEE-able miniature yarn skeins if I had been at home.

Did I tell you how cute I think these are?

So… aside from making the final command decision about the exact shade of green that would please my self-confessed color-challenged MIL, look good in today’s world but still be somewhat faithful to her Arts & Crafts era house, and go with everything we’ve already chosen (WHEW!) making pompoms was my creative effort for the day.

Well, probably taking all these pictures (and the 50 others that I *didn’t* use) was a bit more creative than just making pompoms ;)  Here’s hoping my final project turns out as cute as a bonbon skein of yarn!


PS Don’t forget to read the hovertext on my posts! I love writing hovertext.

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