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Chalkboard Paper for a Cookie Jar Tag

My mother-in-law is the best ever! She’s the nicest, happiest, most authentic and giving a person I think I have ever met. She’s famous for always having a full cookie jar! Homemade, of course.

I was pretty strict about sugar intake when my kids were little, but they knew when they were at Grandma Pat’s house, they could have a cookie or two. I’m sure they had more than that when I wasn’t looking! At least there were always plenty of fruits and veggies to eat as well. Β You won’t go hungry at Grandma Pat’s house!

My husband and I, and his sister and her husband, are all in the process of gutting her old kitchen and putting in a new one. We’re getting to the point where the paint color needs to be chosen and Pat’s asked us to make sure it’s good.

I’ve seen more of these blue-ish greens, and less lime hued colors around in the last few months. It seems the aquas and mints and seafoams are making a comeback. Β She wants a “green and yellow” kitchen and showed me a pale mint pillowcase as an example. My first thought was NOT these bluer hues of green to go with yellow. But it is growing on me. Not this particular yellow… something less crayon-colored like Le Creuset’s Dijon color. It will all come together and be right on trend. Paper colors are fairly limited :)

Mix all those thoughts above with my urge to use paper from my new DCWV Chalkboard Stack and we have this project! Actually, I’ve had that stack for a few weeks and I was desperate to find JUST the right project to use it.

Something Pat gets asked often is, “What kind of cookies are these?” because she’s always changing it up. I decided I’d use my chalkboard paper, the new kitchen color scheme, and make her a reusable tag for her cookie jar!

The Chalkboard Paper is great! I erased with both wet and dry cloths, wrote over the same area several times and it’s holding up very well! I couldn’t be more pleased.

But I made a couple extra inserts for her tag, because it will see lots of use. I wonder what’s going to be in the cookie jar this weekend?



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