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Mini Table Runner

One more ‘on-the-go’ craft for you today!  A mini table runner!  I brought one skein of yarn and my crochet hooks in my backpack on my trip to China, a fairly small and light travel-able craft!

Then one day killing time while hubby was at work I was looking for a new stitch or pattern to play around with and I ran across this.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I might make a version of that for my bedroom someday.  :)  But, since I was on a trip, only had one skein of yarn, and wanted to keep it small so I could actually finish the project I decided to make a mini table runner!

My kitchen table at home is only a four-seater at the moment so I made it small enough to not look weird on my tiny table, but big enough that on a bigger table (which I’m trying to acquire in the somewhat near future) it will just be more of a centerpiece holder instead of a table runner.

By the way, that is not my kitchen table, that is the coffee table in our hotel room in China.  :)  Follow directions from the original site if you want to make your own.  My finished project was 120(+2 at the beginning) stitches long and 12 Granny Rows with 2 Single Crochet Rows in the center.  A neutral color, but lots of texture!  :)


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