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Aren’t these little art blocks fun?  This was just the first step in a beach-themed project I’m making (more on that in future posts), but I thought they turned out awesome all by themselves!  I could see making the same blocks again and then arranging them for some wall art!  And they were SO easy!  I love easy creative adventures!

I used some wainscot plank paneling which was 7inches wide, so I cut the strips into 7inch sections to make squares.  Thank goodness after re-siding our house last summer, I am a pro with our power tools.  :)  I also saved some of the end scraps to paint too because I might layer them when I do my final project.

And then… I painted!  Yup, so easy.  I chose four coordinating ocean-y colors and got them mixed up in the little sample containers.  $2 bucks each for paint I know I will use in future projects too!  When I painted I knew I wanted a distressed kind of look, so as I was painting I tried to keep my brush really dry so the paint went on light and spotty.  Missed spots are good in my opinion… I wanted all the colors to show in the end.  I also was not at all worried about making them look the same.  Some are more blended, some have rough spots, some you can see heavy brush strokes and it varied which color was more prominent.  I also used a different brush on my last two colors so the paint went on a little differently.  Since I was going for random I really tried to not over-think what I was doing.  In the end I really have some different blocks, but they all go together nicely too.

Just a few glimpses at the different blocks… I think this collage of the photos is pretty cool too!  Maybe it will become some wall art after all!  :)

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for what these turn into!


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