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Re-Purposed Furniture: Craft Room Style

Exercise, Noon Wine and Meditation = S (Sam) = Superhero, you really are!  I think these words totally describe me, which is why I used them in this creative adventure!  ;)

For this project I re-purposed a fixture that was going to be thrown away at a local craft store.  This fixture used to be a Christmas season ornament holder and I’ve turned it into the perfect sticker holder/organizer for my craft room!  Plus it was a great excuse for Mom and me to get together and have some fun with Mod Podge!

The basics of how we did it: Sand off red paint, primer it white, clip cool pages from old dictionaries and magazines, mod podge it all on!  I also painted part of the base to match my craft room and painted the hooks white!

I don’t have a photo with the stickers actually on the hooks, but I love how it is working out!  I can see all my stickers and embellishments with just a turn of the fixture instead of having them all crammed in a box!

This was really the first time I had used Mod Podge, and I had a lot of fun finding good clippings to put all over.  Mom and I have always enjoyed good word games so this became one… mixing and matching to create little puns and representations of family members along the way.  A few of my faves are shown below including: ‘Old-School Cool’ with some stitching for Mom, The Crazy Hunter for my hubby, sweet dreams for both my parents, an homage to my alma mater (Go COUGS!), and a declaration to my hubby that our once shared hobby room is indeed fully mine now.  ;)

There are so many other great ones I could have taken 100s of photos… we really did have a lot of fun matching up the various words.  And thanks to the Ikea catalog my craft room has a very fitting motto now too… “A great life isn’t about great huge things; it’s about small things that make a big difference.”


  • Gail - This is the first time I’ve seen it with racks and all! This was so much fun to do; the carcass of that dictionary is just itching to be used on something for me ;)
    Gail — mom07.06.2012 – 10:49amReplyCancel

  • Kat - This is so cool! I love the “Superhero, you really are” and how family was included… and how it’s repurposed. It looks awesome. :)01.09.2015 – 4:49pmReplyCancel

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