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Welcome to My Sewing Table

Happy 4th of July tomorrow! I’ll close this post with some red-white-and-blue, but I’m opening with some glimpses of my central workspace.

I am a sew-er, a sewist, a seamstress, and sometimes even a tailor, it doesn’t matter the label you choose. I daydream in fabric and patterns. Apparel, quilting, or home décor, it doesn’t matter!

If you add in the fact that I am a late-night person – a VERY late night person – you’ll realize I have to have a well-stocked workroom. I sure can’t go to the store at 2am for another spool of thread! As you can see, I don’t need to… I think my last splurge at a 50% off thread sale has me all set for a while.

I have some very old sewing supplies passed down to me from my family that I treasure, plus I’ve collected a few items myself. I love these old wooden spools with their embossed ends or fragile labels.

I am so lucky to have a dedicated work space. I like to use my sewing supplies as décor, especially when it adds to the convenience and organization.

My son Robert has twice now arranged my spools by color for me. I love that he does that! When I glance up to admire the rainbow of spools on my wall, I think of him and his terrific eye for color and order (and that I didn’t have to make myself crazy getting it Just Right all by myself!)

Below is what I see when I sit down at my machine. I’m surrounded by My Tools (really, My Toys!), reminders of people and projects I love, and lots and lots of fabric. (You don’t get to see the fabric vista: far too disorderly!)

One thing I appreciate having is my mug warmer! I get so wrapped up in my projects sometimes that my latte, tea, or cocoa get freezing cold. Much better hot!

I received the white mug I use for sewing tools years ago as a gift. I used to be especially fond of teddy bears, and these bears are sewing! Recently I noticed things were just getting too crowded in that mug. Lucky me, I stumbled upon this black filigree pencil cup for my non-sewing items. I lined it with fuchsia pink cardstock to go with my color scheme.

My wooden quilting ruler holder and sewing tool caddy were made by my daughter Becca in 8th grade woodshop. They’re so special to me! They let me have my scissors, sewing screwdrivers, snips and more right at my fingertips. My quilt rulers are safe and happy in their home.

I will often bring a chunk of fabric or trim home from the store just because I am not done admiring it yet; that’s why the piece of pink/sage beaded trim is swagged across the wall.

By the way, that fortune says, “Tomorrow your creative side will shine forth with exceptional ideas.” Love it!

I like hearts; I just do. There are some heart shaped mini tins – one is used as a catch all – and I have those white tweezers with the heart cut out. I was so excited when I found them! I was also excited to find not just one, but TWO little calculators in my colors! Yes, I need two. It’s the same reason I have 4 tape measures. Sometimes they are just Some Where Else.

This set-up looks cluttery if I force myself to be objective, but with my years of experience, I know when I find a combination of convenience, practicality, style, and functionality that suits me! Right now, this is it!

Now, back to the fabric that gives me the reason for having all this sewing stuff! I like to pick up seasonal and holiday fabrics to have on hand for last minute table coverings, basket liners, napkins, crafty fabric projects, or even gift bags. I mentioned my red-white-and-blue fabrics last week, so with those I’ll bid you a patriotic, cotton-rich farewell!

What works especially well in your sewing (or crafting) space? I know I am always open to new ideas, and I’m pretty sure Sam is, too!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!



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