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Go-To Gift Wrap: Kraft Paper!

You may as well hear it from me here in my second post that I am inherently a procrastinator.  Over the years I have realized this and have tried to put some things in place to help me when time is running out.  One of these things came in handy yesterday!  I had 30 minutes at home to gift wrap a present for my mother-in-law (that I had just bought and we were giving to her two hours later…), get everything together to go down to her surprise party, get the dog kenneled outside (see my about me #6 as to why this occasionally takes a while), oh, and take pretty pictures so I could show you!  That’s down to the wire for me.  Thankfully, I had my go-to gift wrap process down to a science.

All you need is: kraft paper, ribbon for tying, patterned carstock, simple embellishments, and colored pens! (ok, this last one isn’t a necessity, but who doesn’t love a little color in their lives!)

Wrap up your present, tie with the ribbon, fold the cardstock in half and embellish, write your little gift note and voila!  Done in no time!  And I love that it is cute and simple!  For part of this present I had the little cheese slicer that isn’t easily wrapped up so I just tied it on to the outside of the present.  Not only is this super easy, but it adds a little embellishment and acts as a little sneak peek as to what might be inside the package!  Fun!

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PS.  World Market is my hands down favorite place to shop for gifts.  I adore their everyday items and their seasonal selection always thrills me!

<3  Sam

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