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Gail’s Menu Planning Grid

Menu Planning Grid pdf

To print this weekly menu planning chart, click on the link above. If you’ve never printed a pdf, hover over the lower right area of the opened file and then click on the printer icon that appears. 

Set your printer to Landscape orientation. Print double sided if you automatically want the list of Superfoods on the back, or just print Page 1 for the menu planning grid itself.

This planner page was created for use at my house, so it has my reminders about the healthy eating choices we follow. Use it as you wish, and feel free to ask questions. 

My processes for menu planning, and examples can be found in these posts:

Start here: What’s For Dinner? 

More discussions and examples: Early Spring Menu Plan and Menu Plan Featuring Spring Vegetables and Early September Menu Plan

And my own little quirk as a source for inspiration: Take Out Menus!

Soon to be published: Tips to help you become a happy and successful menu planner.

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