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100 Days Project!

Sam here, real quick to introduce what Mom and I are working on!  The 100 day project! It’s an art/creativeView full post »

Spring Color (ing)

Two things I need to remember when doing coloring pages. Reading glasses, and the fact that my dual-tip markers have aView full post »

Winter Details

It seems our last few posts have been so concurrent with season changes.  Summer.  Fall.  Now winter.View full post »

Paint, Sip, and Nibble

Just like Sam, my blog-partner, I also have been to a paint and sip event recently. And after painting this vase ofView full post »

Paint & Sip

Paint & Sips have become a thing.  And I love it!  I don’t think they are all created equal, so IView full post »

Gail Visits Australia #1

What a lucky lucky lady I was in January! My husband got sent to Australia to work for a month and I went along forView full post »

Hello January

It’s mid January and I still feel like I’m gearing up for this new year!  Wait… it’sView full post »

Inktober Lettering 2015 — Update!

Having so much fun with this lettering project! Here are more of my Inktober Lettering creations since I showed youView full post »

Wordless Wednesday: Ella 5 month comparison!

This was Ella a few months ago at 3 months old!  Don’t you wish you could be sleeping like that?!  IView full post »

Tula Pink Coloring Book is Here! A Brief Review

So excited to get some surprise mail today! I’m not sure when my recent pre-order was actually supposed toView full post »

Inktober Lettering 2015

You can google the original Inktober premise if you want to know more than 31 days of making an ink drawing, but IView full post »

Spider, Up (too) Close!

HEY!  WARNING!  If you don’t want to see any photos of spiders, up close and personal… do not, IView full post »

What’s Up Wednesday: A Leaf-Inspired Zendoodle

Doodling! Zentangle patterns! Playing around with lines and colors. So much fun for me! Today I bring you just a quickView full post »

Fall Button Tree

Not only did I have fun playing with my big stash of buttons for this project, I’m excited because ThisView full post »

Chase Dreams

I think this was a fitting first “fall project”.  There’s nothing inherently “fall”View full post »