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100 Morning Moments Recap

100morningmoments 078

A little over 100 days ago Mom and I started a 100 day project.  I chose a photo project: moody, black and white morning moments.  Life’s little moments, my two precious girlies, lots of coffee, grounding myself in creativity that has been so lacking! 

Did I get all 100 days?  Well… no.  Was I great about posting the ones I did get?  um… not even close, haha.  But I’m still proud of myself for the momentum I built.  When I missed a day or two or five, I didn’t scrap the whole project… I picked up my camera again and kept going.  In the end I got about 80 days of the 100.  Where as if I had scrapped the project when I first missed a day I would’ve tapped out around 20ish I believe.

A good lesson as we begin a new year.  I always have lots of goals, but regardless of how they are going, I want to remember that in the end, even if set backs happen, it is still better to keep going than scrap the whole thing!

So… to recap, I’m posting all of Sam’s 100 (80) Morning Moments below… happy scrolling… and Happy New Year!

100morningmoments 001100morningmoments 002100morningmoments 003100morningmoments 004100morningmoments 005100morningmoments 006100morningmoments 007100morningmoments 008100morningmoments 009100morningmoments 010100morningmoments 011100morningmoments 012100morningmoments 013100morningmoments 014100morningmoments 015100morningmoments 016100morningmoments 017100morningmoments 018100morningmoments 019100morningmoments 020100morningmoments 021100morningmoments 022100morningmoments 023100morningmoments 024100morningmoments 025100morningmoments 026100morningmoments 027100morningmoments 028100morningmoments 029100morningmoments 030100morningmoments 031100morningmoments 032100morningmoments 033100morningmoments 034100morningmoments 035100morningmoments 036100morningmoments 037100morningmoments 038100morningmoments 039100morningmoments 040100morningmoments 041100morningmoments 042100morningmoments 043100morningmoments 044100morningmoments 045100morningmoments 046100morningmoments 047100morningmoments 048100morningmoments 049100morningmoments 050100morningmoments 051100morningmoments 052100morningmoments 053100morningmoments 054100morningmoments 055100morningmoments 056100morningmoments 057100morningmoments 058100morningmoments 059100morningmoments 060100morningmoments 061100morningmoments 062100morningmoments 063100morningmoments 064100morningmoments 065100morningmoments 066100morningmoments 067100morningmoments 068100morningmoments 069100morningmoments 070100morningmoments 071100morningmoments 072100morningmoments 073100morningmoments 074100morningmoments 075100morningmoments 076100morningmoments 077100morningmoments 078100morningmoments 079


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