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Halloween Recap

Halloween 003

Oh goodness.  Are you ready for 8000 pictures of these cuties?  In all their Halloween goodness?  

If you haven’t seen the movie Trolls, go do it… it is SOOOO cute!  And great lessons in it too, like helping the Bergens (the bad guys in this movie) find lasting happiness too!  Anyway, Trolls… where our Halloween costumes came from this year!  Abbi was Princess Poppy, one of the main trolls in the movie, and Ella was Lady Glitter Sparkles.  Which is like the alternate personality for one of the bergens, haha.  If you don’t understand… well, watch the movie!

Halloween 001Halloween 004Halloween 006

There were tons of Princess Poppy costumes available for purchase and for time and ease’s sake, we bought one, but we made the hair.  Because the bigger the troll hair the better!!  Plus it just reminds me of my childhood.  Mom always made our costumes or parts of them.  I have fond memories of last minute sewing and creativity to get everything together for whatever we came up with to be that year!  So it was definitely fun to throw in some creativity here too.  We used this DIY, with a couple modifications of course, for the hair.  And I made some generic troll hair for myself too!  Blurry cell phone photo below.  Just fyi: glitter tulle sheds like craaaazzzzyyyy… be prepared for glitter everywhere.


Halloween 022Halloween 021

Halloween 015

Ella’s costume however… there were NO Lady Glitter Sparkles costumes for purchase anywhere!  There was a wig for the epic hair… thank goodness because I don’t know how I would have recreated that.  But I couldn’t believe there weren’t any costumes!  Thankfully, I still have that awesome Mom who sews last minute things… here’s what she has to say about Ella’s costume:

“Here’s how this creative venture went: I grabbed a pattern for a blanket sleeper to use since there were no licensed Lady Glitter Sparkles patterns. Makes sense, right? I just needed a 2T garment pattern that included that one piece jumpsuit in some way. Blanket sleeper = disco jumpsuit! I also needed to find just the right fabric. Pink, squares, and sparkly seemed to be the key elements, and I found the right thing in the special occasion fabric department. You can’t imagine my jaw-drop when I found it! But it was very sheer. I went looking for an underlayer of a warm brown or black knit and found something that would work on clearance! Ella’s visit to my house for a “fitting” happened before I had even pinned pattern to fabric, and that was a good thing. I automatically held the pattern piece for this costume up to her and found it was way too short from diaper to neck! Turns out Ella is probably like her Auntie Bee, being long-bodied and that’s something I know how to deal with! So then I got to work so we could actually test fit it before she went home for the night: lengthen the pattern body, chop off the sleeves, skinny down the hips and legs down to the knee, then add a ridiculous cartoony flare to the pants bottoms. Cut and sew! At this point Sam and I tried to put it on her and she was having none of it! I was afraid that one bad experience might spoil it completely, that she would never want to wear it. But I finished it off over the next couple days and hoped for the best. I sewed an “exposed” zipper and then hemmed every thing — sleeves, legs, and neckline — using bias tape as a facing to turn under. When I used to work at JoAnn, it was a joke that I had my very own personal store at my house because I put my employee discount (and paycheck) to good use. But this means I had that bias tape, plus belting and a buckle on hand with which to make that belt. I also had the zipper on hand, but that’s a zipper I salvaged off of something so long ago I cannot even recall, possibly a bag. On Halloween day I took the costume to her, time and her mama’s talking it up (plus a candy bribe) got her to put it on and Lady Glitter Sparkles was born!”

Halloween 007Halloween 008Halloween 009Halloween 010Halloween 012

For real… this girl wanted nothing to do with her costume.  BUT… she desperately wanted candy so I finally got it on her.  And then… well, she warmed up to it and with Trolls soundtrack playing in the background I got these goofballs to dance.  For the rest of the night we didn’t have any issues with Ella not wanting to be Lady Glitter Sparkles.  Yay!  Halloween success!!


See, she even started posing when I took a few with my cell phone.  Silly girls!

Hope your Halloweens were tons of fun too!  Or do you avoid Halloween?  Pretty sure Mom went out to dinner instead of opening the door (their neighborhood gets TONS of trick or treaters), and Aaron went all the way to Montana to avoid it (deer hunting season), haha!


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