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Fancy File Folders


Suddenly in August I had too many things going on that needed paper info organized and at hand. Workshops. Online classes. Personal projects. Organized and at hand are things I run hot and cold with — some things always are, other things almost always are NOT. 


I brainstormed solutions. Punch holes and put them in a notebook either together with dividers or in separate little 3-brad folders — no, I would be constantly removing one or two and then never putting them back. Staple them — no, because always handling the whole stack was going to be a nuisance to me. File folders — ugh, all the same and boring but the right ease of access re-capturing the pages. 


If you’ve been with us in the past, you know I have a strong frugal streak when it comes to using what I already own, and not wasting our earth’s resources. Frugal does not apply when we’re talking about hitting the craft and fabric stores, though. As you would also know! It’s true.

It’s a good thing all around I like the grunge vibe, like when this folder below tried to glue itself to the table. Those white patches where the print layer lifted off just add to my torn edge theme, right? Right. 


A perfect combination of frugal — saved paper scraps, old folders — and creative fun had me sitting down to do some tearing and gluing for a couple of days. For each folder, I worked strictly from my scrap folders which are sorted by color group. 



Here is one folder I used after emptying daughter Becca’s school papers out of it. I think this scribble is from first or second grade. I’ll never cover it up! On the left are some gel press prints I made for collage work. How I love gel press work!


Design challenges for scrap collage onto file folders for my own self are not world-changing, but I had a good time making various design considerations: playing around with my adored torn edges while using up straight-edged scraps for accent and definition; all the while I was trying to use as much scrap paper just as I found it. 



When it comes time to do more (and it will!) I will heed my lessons learned with these: 

  1. If you use a craft mat or try to work clean, you won’t still be dealing with that layer of dried collage medium on your work table. Bleh. Hashtag craft mat.
  2. Wrap the paper farther around the edges to the inside of the folder. 
  3. Figure out how to deal with the curved corners of the folder and the tab and be consistent.



Oh, and my lettering is done with pen that can be removed with alcohol on a cotton swab. If it becomes permanent somehow, I can just collage a new scrap over the top! 

I might need a purple, a dark teal, and an orange folder soon. It’s a plan.


Happy times adding color to YOUR life!


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