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Morning Musings…

100morningmoments 012

It’s funny… last Tuesday when I introduced my series I said “As chaotic as my life can be right now, I needed this creative outlet to ground me in the tiny moments so they don’t pass me by.”  And boy is this true.  The intentional focus even on just a five minute chunk of time amidst what is often a go-go-go has been so refreshing.  So along with sharing my photos this week, I’m sharing some thoughts I’ve pondered in the process as well.

100morningmoments 013

Maverick: often overlooked, sometimes annoying, but oh-so-loved member of the family.  I can’t imagine raising the girls without him, from eating all the things they drop on the floor, to being their constant cuddle companion, he’s pretty irreplaceable.  And finally, finally in year 8 he seems to have mellowed on the regular.  ;)  

100morningmoments 014

My mornings these days are often filled more with Ella, the two year old because Abbi is at preschool M, W, F.  Even mornings when Abbi is home, Ella always seeks me first.  She is NOT a morning person, just like I need my coffee, she needs some cuddles and quiet time to adjust to the world before she becomes her obstinate little self.  

100morningmoments 015

Habits: need to be reinforced even when it’s not ideal.  I forgot my camera this morning, but instead of skipping a day I tried to play around with some photos in the same theme instead.  My first selfie of the series!  (way easier on the phone).  Also, drives in the woods where you can both serve your hubby (I was shuttling him and a friend up the mountain so they could ride down) and you get some quiet time in nature make for pretty refueling days.  

100morningmoments 016

In reference to the day before, refueling of my soul is necessary so all the other times I’m stuck at my desk working or doing homework don’t leave me completely burned out.  First 15-page research paper of seminary, done!  (Which is on top of the typical 1-4 other papers I write weekly, usually 4-6 pages long)  :D

100morningmoments 017

This.  This was a good day.  Catching up with a good friend I haven’t seen in far too long, girly pampering, homemade brown butter pumpkin waffles with buttermilk brown butter syrup (yes.  it’s a thing.  and yes.  you need to make them both), an intentional day of rest.  100morningmoments 018

This was captured while I was doing homework.  This little lady, with those chubby fingers, loves pulling me in close and giggling.  It just rocks my world.  Every time.  I vow to ALWAYS put homework aside for moments like this.  
100morningmoments 019

Sometimes the mess is beautiful.  Not always, but sometimes.

100morningmoments 020

Enter that moment when you suddenly realize you don’t know how many days it has been since your kids have been bathed…  hmm… ;)  They were pretending to be ghosts here, it was hilarious.  Can you see Abbi trying to make her scary face? 

I’m smiling even as I write these all out.  20 days done, that means tomorrow makes this a habit right?  It is already feeling a little normal to take a pause sometime every morning and look for what’s actually happening all around me all the time.  And Abbi no longer thinks it’s a weird thing when I ask her to bring me my camera mid-activity.  Bonus!  :)

Enjoy some little moments and musings of your own this week!


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