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100 Days Project!


Sam here, real quick to introduce what Mom and I are working on!  The 100 day project! It’s an art/creative project, where you do one little thing every day for 100 days! And since we are still struggling to get back into our creative groove, and we were both super excited about this creative prompt… we hopped on board!

be astonished

Mom is doing a daily drawing practice, as she said: Drawing is a tool I want to develop to “Tell About It” I am always Paying Attention and Being Astonished!

use your gifts

And recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost some of the joy capturing photos, my work has become work… and I want the joy back! So for 100 days I’m planning to use the gift of my creative eye to breathe some life back into myself and those around me!  And as I was looking around at other project people were working on last night, I was really inspired to take on one other little project I’ve had in the back of my mind too.  I’ve always wanted to hand letter, but have never really explored it. So that’s all my second project is… an exploration of hand lettering of single words or very short phrases inspired by that day’s life and/or photo. (All on legal pads because I didn’t want the pressure of something fancy!)

So we’ll post the occasional other projects on here, but for the most part our creative energies are going into creating our 100day projects!  We’ll do weekly recaps here on the blog and if you want to follow along daily you can find us on Instagram as 2createincolor.  

If any of you are doing this we’d love to follow you too, leave a comment!!


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