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Spring Color (ing)

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-2

Two things I need to remember when doing coloring pages. Reading glasses, and the fact that my dual-tip markers have a fine point end. 

And maybe better lighting.

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-1

From an ordinary distance — even with glasses on! — these two month’s calendar pages look fine. Better in person than above, even. Imagine my surprise when I pulled these photos into Lightroom to start processing them and saw all the uncolored spots everywhere :-O 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-5

Oh well! Lesson learned. Let’s see how April turns out when I color it in a few weeks. 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-7

What a gloriously color-fun time I had on February’s lovebirds and garden wreath. I was “Happy-Me” every time I worked on it, smiling in my head if not with my mouth. 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-9

March, though, was all about my favorite color, green. I was frustrated by having only 8 green markers to use. That is definitely not enough green markers for this lady.

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-3

I love that band of wagon-wheel flowers that peeks through here and there! 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-4

… and the end of the month bonus: 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-6

Having worked March’s calendar page before taking photos of February’s little bonus drawing made me a little sad. They’re back to back on the same sheet of paper. There’s a distracting bit of show-through. (below)

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-11

Ideally, to prevent this, it would mean I need to color each month’s drawing on the eve of the first day. 

That is SO not going to happen. Except maybe by coincidence. I just do not live that precisely scheduled a life these days :) 

Calendar Coloring Feb Mar-8

If you are thinking of getting a new adult coloring book, or maybe your first, may I suggest any of the books drawn by the talented Johanna Basford. I’ve seen these in person uncolored, colored beautifully on the internet, and even embroidered (with permission) by Mary Corbett of Needle n’ Thread.  

One of those is next on my list. I just can’t decide which one…

Have a colorful spring!


  • Diane Johnston - Gail, those are so pretty. I don’t know if I will like coloring as I haven’t tried it yet, but I sure like looking at yours! We are selling our house and moving to Colorado in May so I won’t be coloring for some time. I am prepared though…I have books and colors. lol We do like being prepared. Hugs, Diane03.17.2017 – 11:41pmReplyCancel

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