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Winter Details


It seems our last few posts have been so concurrent with season changes.  Summer.  Fall.  Now winter.  

Don’t worry fair blog readers, we haven’t abandoned you yet.  We also just haven’t figured out a new rhythm with kids/grandkids, with seasons of feeling uninspired, with the chaos that life has been.  It’s been full, this life recently.  In a good way, but a busy way too.  We’ll get there… don’t give up on us yet!

Today, I did feel inspired… taking the dog out to his kennel in the backyard I noticed the most beautiful sight today in our raised garden beds: rotting tomatillos.  

But not the gross kind of rotting, the kind where all that is left of the husk are these beautiful white lace looking structures.  And with the sun out shining through them, they were just gorgeous.  So I grabbed my fancy camera while my kiddos napped and headed out to just explore the beauty of these tiny winter details…


I hope you enjoy the beauty of these as much as I do.  It certainly was rejuvenating to take a few moments to just admire these tiny details and photograph in the peaceful light of sunset.

(Which comes way too early these days… a winter downfall for sure!)

Happy Wintering, Sam

  • April - Beautiful. Decay is a vital part of creation, and has its own beauty.12.13.2016 – 6:07pmReplyCancel

  • Diane Feldman - Really eye opening. Thanks for the photos.12.13.2016 – 6:14pmReplyCancel

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