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Paint, Sip, and Nibble

Paint Sip and Nibble_0001

Just like Sam, my blog-partner, I also have been to a paint and sip event recently. And after painting this vase of flowers, I ventured further and went to a less-structured painting event you can see in the second half of this post.

My son and his girlfriend treated both of us moms to a fun Mother’s Day including brunch at Skillet and a paint and sip by Canvas! in Seattle (link is to our event. Robert and Rachel are the second photo!) Since I was just getting over a bad cold and don’t do alcohol anyway, I enjoyed sipping on my nice hot tea while following the instructions to create a Van-Gogh-inspired bouquet of flowers. 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0003

Unlike Sam in our previous post, I did not snap any meaningful pics of my painting as I went so I am filling my post with close ups of my favorite parts! Haha! I really had fun layering and mixing and brushing on the backgrounds and the vase.

Paint Sip and Nibble_0004Paint Sip and Nibble_0005

My son says, a few minutes in, “This is what I got an art degree for.” Ya never know, bud! Maybe one day you’ll be leading a room full of tipsy adults through a painting ;) 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0006Paint Sip and Nibble_0007

It was fun to see how each of us interpreted the instructions (admirably!) and then somewhat shocking to see how some people in the rest of the room carried them out. I am Quite Happy with my painting, especially the vase! It was also a great day Ubering around the city together and talking up a storm. 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0002

A couple weeks later, an artist friend of mine Facebook-invited me to a 6-hour painting party called “Fish and a Dish.” Curious, I went researching. A fun and encouraging artist named Brenda Boles holds a monthly painting party where you can choose from a variety of pre-sketched canvases of the month’s focus. Everyone also brings a treat of some sort to share, potluck-style. Hence, the fish and a dish title for June’s event.

Paint Sip and Nibble_0013


Thank you for the invite, Sandi! I’m so very glad I had this experience :) 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0011

I had my choice of about a dozen different fishes on different sized canvases, but this messy, highly textured angel fish really caught my attention. 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0008Paint Sip and Nibble_0009

I was quite intimidated at first, but each time I got done with one step, I asked her to tell me what to do next. When I started applying the crazy, messy, green paint streaks and spatters though, I was off and running! After all … acrylics. You can easily pull off do-overs if needed heh heh. I love love love the spatters. 

Paint Sip and Nibble_0012

The photocopy of the original painting I was using showed a blue-toned fish with no background (and a significantly less amount of the fun stuff.) So you see that I personalized it by PAINTING IT GREEN! If you’ve seen me on facebook, you know that my profile picture remains a neon sign saying “paint it green!” I love to paint things green :)  

Paint Sip and Nibble_0010Paint Sip and Nibble_0014

If you get a chance to paint and sip with friends, I encourage you to give it a try! 

Happy painting (and sipping), 


  • Diane Johnston - Nice work Gail, I’m not at all surprised that you have green in the flowers and a green fish. You have a lot in common with Kermit, the Frog. LOL07.02.2016 – 10:31amReplyCancel

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