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Paint & Sip

Paint & Sips have become a thing.  And I love it!  I don’t think they are all created equal, so I was super happy that the one I got to participate in actually felt like we created… real art!

Because I am so NOT an artist, not in the draw/paint sort of way anyway.  I can draw a stick figure like nobody’s business.  And give me some drafting tools and I can probably draw you a sweet building… but nature?  Probably not… and people?  Well, I’ve already mentioned stick people are where it’s at for me.  ;)

So a few months ago I got to go out with some friends for a fun night of wine and painting at this amazing little shop in Gig Harbor, Mood.  And it was fantastic.  I took some cell phone snaps along the way, so here goes…

Paint & Sip_0002Paint & Sip_0003Paint & Sip_0004Paint & Sip_0005

Even seeing all the steps I don’t really see how those awkward looking white lines turned into a forest of autumn birch trees. But I’m so glad they did… because now it proudly hangs in my bedroom above my dresser!

Paint & Sip_0006

Especially because it holds a memory of a great night with friends… the first time all of us had escaped without our little babies (all born within three months of each other) together!  A great night off!

I’m looking forward to another one of these, probably with Mom, because she has a friend that leads some fantastic classes… of which she’ll show you an example in her next post!!


  • Diane Johnston - Nice work Sam. My daughter & granddaughter went to one of those classes in Colorado and came home with some nice paintings. Then they got interested in Bob Rossi style painting and bought all the supplies & video to try his way. He says anyone can paint. Bob Rossi classes are sometimes at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Or you can check out his TV classes on PBS stations.06.29.2016 – 2:44pmReplyCancel

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