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Hello, Spring!


Daffodils are blooming, trees are leafing, and the sun is shining more than usual here in western Washington. It definitely feels more like spring than a typical March. This is good, since Easter is so early this year. Hopefully, rain won’t spoil Abbi and Ella’s Easter egg hunt! 

This little flower says Springtime to me :) It is just one tiny flower crocheted from threads, but it was very labor intensive as I am not that experienced with thread crochet. Or three-dimensional crochet tricks, of which this flower had a few! I am showing you Take 1 of this; I’m planning a few more. They surely will be easier and faster LOL


I love the way the petals cup, and how they overlap each other. That’s what convinced me to try this particular pattern… 


The yellow bottom layer of petals is made from DMC Perle Cotton size 8, using a #5 steel crochet hook. Shoulda coulda used a #7 but couldn’t make it work for me! That’s part of the experience level issue. I’ll try it again on the next one. It is from Pattern A (base) of the Flower Hair Clips at Oui Crochet. 


The green center layer is made from a size 20 crochet cotton, much smoother than the perle cotton with an almost matte finish that’s just lovely. Crocheted with the same #5 steel hook, it is just chain loops (picots) spiraled around a starting ring in ever-decreasing sizes. I made it up myself, and it turned out a bit larger than I would have preferred, but that is part of Creating From Scratch: Take 1. 


I finished the petals while I was at Sam’s house, and 2 1/2 year-old Abbi seemed pretty charmed by it. She carried it around a couple of times (thank goodness it didn’t go astray!) and was interested in the green center I was creating, too. Show ’em the craftiness as young as possible! 

This is how tiny it actually is…


With my macro lens on my NEW camera (Thanks, Santa-husband and advisor Sam!) I popped outside to my front porch barefoot and in short sleeves, thinking it was still a relatively warm afternoon… but the sun had dropped in the sky and my north-facing front porch got chillier and chillier as I photographed this miniature bit of spring-inspired crochet. Still, the light was beautiful and the air was fresh and the robins were still singing their songs. Happy me! 


And Happy Crocheting! 



  • Diane Johnston - Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what else you are going to do with this. Happy Spring!03.19.2016 – 12:37pmReplyCancel

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