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Hello… March?


Besides a couple posts in both December and January, we’ve pretty much been out of the <consistent> blogging game since November.  Sometimes… ya just need a break.  At least we do!  It’s hard to keep those creative juices flowing!  We’ve been in lulls in the past though, and bounced back, and so here we are… determined to do so again!  It might take us a couple of months to get back up to full speed, but we’ll get there.  We have to keep reminding ourselves, that while we love you — our readers — (we really do!!), we started this blog as a place for us… to keep a memory of our projects, to share some of our joy in the making, to keep us (me and mom) connected, and to inspire us to create — not for it to feel like a burden.

OK… so blah blah… enough rambling… To start us off, we decided on little mini challenges.  First up: yarn project!

Look!  I made a scarf!


Forgive the selfies, it’s the best I could do ;)


…especially with these two little monkeys pulling on me (literally).  


I basically just finger-knit a super long cord using just two fingers to do the “knitting” on, and then wrapped it up into this cowl/infinity-scarf thing.  With an extra little cord wrapped around all the loops and a button for an accent!

Yay for a project!  And a cute one I get to wear too!  I think it went really well with my jean jacket, long tunic, leggings, and boots!  And the dusty purple feels pretty good to wrap up this winter season with.  ;)

Mom will be back with another yarn adventure in a couple of days!  Welcome back to you and to us!  See you soon!



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