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Ring in the New Year by Reading in the New Year!


Cookbooks are books, too! Thanks, Sam, for sharing your photo of your 2015 Christmas cookbook haul to start off this 2016 Read in the New Year post!

Sam and I are both readers. Actually, all of our family are readers! I love that! But I tend to fall into the moment’s entertainment of reading what is familiar: the same genres and authors. Nothing wrong with that, but as an easy adventure this year I have decided to reach farther in my selections. 

There is no Frigate like a Book  
To take us Lands away,  
Nor any Coursers like a Page  
Of prancing Poetry –   
This Traverse may the poorest take         
Without oppress of Toll –   
How frugal is the Chariot  
That bears a Human soul.
~ Emily Dickinson

If you are looking to Read in the New Year, too, here is a collection of reading challenges from which you can choose. Most of them can overlap with one another — if you want to read 52 books in 52 weeks, you can also use a list like the one Sam is working from to guide your choices (find it in the list!)  My younger daughter Becca (Gilmore Girls groupie) likes the Rory Gilmore list a lot even though it isn’t a yearly challenge. It’s in the list, too.

I like all of them; I have pinned them to my Books Worth Reading Pinterest board and will consult them all when choosing upcoming books. I also will push myself to download other genres from my Bookbub emails! Sign up for Bookbub if you have an e-reader or any of the apps on your phone or computer — there are free books to download every day! (Note: many freebies are self-published and/or new authors and, while good stories, may not have the best editing.) 

Need more suggestions? Don’t forget to check your local area library systems’ suggested reading lists! If you were a math/science geek like me during high school and college, you might find many books typically read in English Lit classes might be great choices. Libraries also have lists of the various award winners if you want to read the cream of the crop of newer books. You can even just pick the next Best Seller off of the grocery store’s display when you finish your current read. (Hey, I just spotted that on the kids’ challenge list LOL)

Don’t forget cookbooks! Cookbooks with blurbs and stories and tips and lessons make great reading. Settle in and browse for new recipes while enjoying the additional work that the author and team went to — learn while making your menu plan :) 

And don’t forget your parents and siblings and friends! Spread the challenge to read more, reach further in reading choices, and Read in the New Year with joy! 

Happy page-turning!


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