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Sneak Peek! Tiniest Anna


A good start, I think. Recognizable? 

The movie Frozen is called “Annaselsa” in some households, just so you know. And it is an obsession of many young girls, including my blogpartner/daughter Sam’s 2-year old Abbi — my granddaughter. Abbi was so cute the other day when I was visiting, asking for Annaselsa and running her finger past the DVD cases looking for the movie. 

So it’s only “fitting” that Abbi and baby sis Ella have Anna and Elsa costumes for Halloween. (Fitting — costumes… get it?) 

You would think that Abbi would be Anna, and Ella would be Elsa based on their names … that would be cool! But Elsa’s the big sister…

And baby Ella is to be Anna with that GORGEOUS purply-pink cape! 


A cape being made by yours truly. *insert cheesy grin* 

With an over-layer capelet. And ball fringe! And was that a lucky fabric find, or what!?! 

I love making costumes. Especially when they pose problems that need solving. As in, there are no Anna cape patterns in size tiny-6-month-old-baby. At 15 lbs, even the smallest size 3-4 toddler pattern is far (far far far) too big. But it gave me a ready-made template from which to work. 


So tiny — half the size of the most inside lines on the multi-size pattern? That’s a 2″ lens cap and a small spool of thread, for comparison.

In short order, I had taken the Just The Right Color sparkly fuchsia fleece and the wrong size pattern and created a Hopefully The Right Size pattern and Tiny Anna Cape mockup (first picture, above.) 

And it worked! :) It fit, and had Sam and me doing just a bit of squee-ing.


Just some hours of stitching (and petting and ooh-ing and hee-hee-heeing) — (and hopefully no thread tangles or seam ripper using) left to do. 

Happy me. Happy sewing and costuming to you! 


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