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Bat Amigurumi


You’ve really got to be careful this Halloween time of the year! Those bats just show up everywhere! 


I know the nose is kind of weird, but bat noses just are, okay? And I was working from my existing button stash.


Adapted from “Distinctly Batty” pattern created by a fascinating sounding young lady.  I lengthened the body by a row, and made crochet ears instead of felt. I was so excited on my 5th(ish) try when I got a cute bat ear result until I realized its cute shape and its tendency to curl forward on itself would only look good on the other side of the bat’s head if I crocheted an actual mirror image of it. 


So I did. Yup. I crocheted one of the ears left-handed — a complete mirror image of the first one I had made. I’m not even sure what to think of myself, doing that. But I’m glad I did. Because matching ears, you know? 


Another clever thing I did was stuff the batlet with the same black yarn I crocheted it out of, so that fibers of white polyester stuffing wouldn’t migrate out or show through the crochet stitch gaps. Am I right? (I suspect that during the rest of the week I may have no cleverness at all, having used it up on this project!)

This cutie is going into the Abbi-gurumi collection, a basket of crocheted amigurumi I started for Abbi a few months after she was born. There’s still a lot of room in that basket, so expect to see more of these adorable creatures! 

Happy crocheting! 


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