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Apple, Cheese, and Sausage Brunch Cake


In Sam’s and my Fall 2015 Challenge here at 2 Create in Color, one of the challenge categories is an apple recipe. Another choice was a second recipe, except savory if the apple recipe was sweet, or sweet if the apple recipe was savory.

Since my “second” recipe already happened, and had sweetened spiced squash in a savory taco (Pumpkin Spice Tacos), I think it is fitting that my apple recipe is also a combination of sweet and savory! 

It all started with a brainstorming of my favorite flavors that go with apple. Cinnamon. Cheddar. Maybe together … wait, what?

But yes, I tried it. Thick tart apple slices coated with brown sugar. Cubes of sharp white cheddar. But I also had breakfast on my mind. Soon I was imagining chunks of well-browned breakfast sausage — turkey breakfast sausage if you prefer, which I did. All snuggled together in a pan with my favorite cinnamon apple muffin batter, baked as a cake and turned out with the apple slices on top. 


And yum! I mean, YUM! But not quite perfect. I’ll be bringing you the recipe during October, for sure. I want to get the balance of flavors just right. Just now, it still has too much of this and not enough of that.


Hubby’s totally on board for more taste testing and we’ll definitely be enjoying the rest of this particular not-quite-perfect apple brunch cake. The link will be *here* when I post it in a few weeks. 

It’s all about getting creative, and I feel very successful in that! Go, me! But I also don’t want to share a recipe that could become known as a Pinterest fail. I will not do that to you. Or me ;) Stay posted (haha) so you can soon be making this hearty autumn breakfast or brunch for your house.


Meanwhile, we’ll just be suffering through eating up the rest of this version, and the next… as long as it takes to get it right, gosh darn it. It’s going to be a tasty couple of weeks! 



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