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Tiny Picture Book about Fall


I’ve been intrigued by junk journals, homemade art journals, mini-books, and all the other creative types of book creations that paper artists have been putting together. Between YouTube and Facebook groups, I have more ideas than I can or will ever use, but until this first little fall-themed book, I had not made anything like them. 


This little book is 2-3/4″ x 3-1/4″, about the height and length of your fingers. I just love it! More tiny books are definitely in my future! 

I was inspired by a crafty internet friend named Joyce who shared some clever little books she put together. She made a whole set of Halloween-themed tiny books. They were so adorable! So my engineering mind, with the background of one tiny-book video, just jumped in and made one! This is definitely a starter project! The first of the firsts. A learning exercise for sure.


But since I know a  non-critical book lover that I can sit and share it with (that would be 2 year old Abbi!) I made it specifically with that in mind. 


This tiny book is not quite as done as I want it to be. But the rest of the ideas are not ready to … to harvest? Haha! In time, I will add a title, finish the page that has a lonely acorn, and add some embellishing to others.


Somewhat of a vocabulary building book, some conversation starters, and plenty of teaching possibilities, it will serve its purpose for as long as it will hold up. How long that will be, I have no idea! But I do plan on stacking it up with the other kids’ books Abbi regularly reaches for at my house. 


I am glad I didn’t have to hold off on sharing my tiny book about autumn until our Fall 2015 Challenge was over! It definitely fits right into the Papercrafting challenge category. 

Happy Official First Day of Autumn!


  • dhill - I love your Fall mini book, Gail! A picture of Abbi on that acorn page would be really cute.09.23.2015 – 12:35pmReplyCancel

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