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Crochet Sweater

Crochet Sweater_0001

Fall means sweaters!  I’m a jacket fiend, so naturally I want Abbi and Ella to have all-the-jackets!

So when my sister-in-law made THE cutest little sweater for my niece I knew I needed to whip one up for Abbi too.  The Pattern Came from The Velvet Acorn (lots of cute stuff!), and you can find it HERE.  

And *ahem* by whip one up… I mean take two weeks to make this darn thing.  I’ve crocheted things before but never an article of clothing (beyond hats), so some of these things were a little new to me.  And being a visual learner meant there were a few times I had to look up the right youtube video to figure out what the heck I was doing.  Usually it was way easier than I thought, I just have mental blocks when it comes to reading instructions I’ve never done before.

Crochet Sweater_0002

Overall I think it turned out pretty darn cute!  I love the oatmeal color with the darker flecks in it.  And I like that it has a bit of growing room for the rest of this fall/winter season!

Crochet Sweater_0003

And after a couple days of teething hell with this little lady, it brightened both our mornings to get outside and run around for a few!

Crochet Sweater_0004

Aren’t those buttons the perfect coordinating find?  I about swooned when I found them!  Abbi agreed because she willingly let go of the other ones I had already found to take these ones in hand instead.  :)

Crochet Sweater_0005

Yay for a fun, use-able fall project!  Makes me want to go get cozy!  Is it too early to start a fire in the wood stove yet?  :)


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