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Link Love: This Autumn Week’s Finds

Fall apples -- 30 different ways to eat an apple a day! 2createincolor.com

Oh, fall! I am liking you more and more this year, because you’re actually acting like fall! Crisp days with an occasional warm hour, alternating between gray and blue skies, mild breezes, a bit of stormy excitement… Still waiting on the crunchy and colorful leaves here in my town, but the nights keep getting colder and the days keep getting shorter — crunchy and colorful are imminent.

My head’s been turned from summer. I have definite autumn thoughts. Cravings for hot drinks in the evening, flannel PJ pants, and where’s my favorite afghan to keep my feet toasty? Even in the morning, I find myself steaming up some milk to turn my two shots of espresso into a bigger warmer drink instead of pouring it over ice or sipping it straight, where it cools quickly. 

Apple stamping on tea towel | 2createincolor.com

Apples stamped onto tea towels from 2013 here at 2createincolor.com

Get your fingers ready to click! Here are some of my recent fall-thinking Oooh’s and Aaah’s from around my internet :) Enjoy! 

  1. Thoughts of becoming a walk-for-exercise person “fall” in and out of my head all the time. Kicking leaves, seeing and hearing them while walking in moderate temps make walking daily sound like a good idea. My doctor thinks so too and I’ve been considering asking for this FitBit for my upcoming birthday. My birthday is one of the few awesome things about fall! Just sayin’.
  2. This raincoat is growing on me. I would wear it while walking, running errands, going out to dinner, and even pushing a tiny human on a swing now and then! I’m liking the color more and more, but I fell in LOVE with the shape immediately! Check. Out. The. Back. View!
  3. Jelly! Make that Gelli — Gelli Plate, that is. One of the top things on my crafty wish list, the cooler moister air these days would make crafting with it a possibility. Besides cocoa, afghan, and a good book, (or baking), what better thing to do on a drizzly fall afternoon than get messy in the craft room? 
  4. Speaking of hot chocolate… yes, please! Dori Greenspan has all the good ideas, and taking your immersion blender to your hot chocolate sounds amazing! 
  5. Fall — back to school — books — less grilling, more indoor cooking … “30 Most Exciting New Fall Cookbooks, 2015” from Epicurious makes me want to dive in to one of these books. Two, actually: Lidia Bastianich’s “Lidia’s Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine” is soooo tempting, as is the last one, “The Chili Cookbook” by Rob Walsh. Warm, hearty foods, anyone? 
  6. This quilt! The colors… It doesn’t scream fall or winter, but aren’t those colors cozy? I already have a quilt at the top of my list that is not this one, but I’d use this at least 6 months of the year, starting NOW! How about a flannel backing? I think so.
  7. How warm would a scarf made from this knitting pattern keep you? Or a shawl? Or an afghan? It is almost like a thermal knit — it would trap all the little pockets of warm air against you and keep you extra warm and snuggly. A bit of a cable-knit look without any of the trickiness. It might be happening. 
  8. Here’s a cute fall graphic printable you could trim apart for your fall projects, or just frame it up. I know my daughter Becca will like that it says, “crunching leaves.” In SE Arizona, she has to look pretty hard for those, though! 
Celebrate autumn with sunflowers! My locker-hooked burlap panel turns a canning jar into a seasonal vase.

Sunflowers locker-hooked onto burlap cover a canning jar vase. From 2012 on 2createincolor.com

Embrace fall! It’s really not so bad… as all my Fall-oholic friends keep telling me! 

Our Fall 2015 Challenge includes a choice for a Fall Style post… There’s a raincoat included, and a scarf is talked about, and it might just be somewhat of a birthday list for my fall birthday so these things are definitely all my style — I say it qualifies juuuuust fine! ;) 

Happy link-clicking! 


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