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Woodland Baby Shower

Woodland Baby Shower_0001

Ok!  I’m pulling a “Wildcard” Project from our Fall Challenge List.  The Wildcard option was there just in case… in case our project didn’t get finished in time, in case it was almost midnight the night before our post was supposed to go live, or in case we wanted to post something that didn’t necessarily fall into a FALL category… you get the idea.  So since the project I wanted to post isn’t done and it’s almost midnight as I type this… I come bearing photos I processed two months ago and never shared!

Photos of the cutest little baby shower I helped put together for a good friend!  This friend loves to go camping, so we did a camping/woodland themed baby shower and we had SO much fun celebrating her little guy’s impending arrival!

Woodland Baby Shower_0002

And what goes with camping and the outdoors?  S’mores!  

And s’mores.


Woodland Baby Shower_0003

These S’more cupcakes were pretty much the best.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that because I made them?  But I followed this recipe to a T, so she gets all the credit!  Thank goodness I made a triple batch so we had plenty of extras!

Woodland Baby Shower_0005

We had lots of good food, as all parties should.  *ahem* Pinecone Cheese Balls *ahem*

Woodland Baby Shower_0004

We decorated super cute onesies.

Woodland Baby Shower_0006And then we sent the guests home with s’more S’mores!! 

Even though nobody is pictured (since I’m typing this at midnight I didn’t really have time to ask if they minded having their photos on the internet, ha), I think everybody had a great time!  And I know myself and my co-hosts all had a really great time finding all the decor and coming up with the food and woodland ideas!

Did I mention the leaves we cut out for everybody to write baby wishes on?  And you did see the log on the table right?

Thank goodness for this set of printables that really helped us pull it all together!

Woodland Baby Shower_0007

It also provided us with this awesome leaving sign… pretty sure it’s still hanging there!

And with that I’m going to go take a hike… to my bed.


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