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A Note of Fall

Fall Cards_0002

Ok, can I just start this post by saying I’m tickled about the title I came up with?  Sort of a play on the word note, because not only are these cards going to have some personal notes written in them, but also I wanted you to note that I’m following through with our fall theme!  :)

It could also be that it’s getting late into the night as I’m writing this, and I might’ve already lost my mind.  Hope this makes sense when you read it in the morning.  ;)

Cards always amaze me with how much effort goes into them, even when they turn out so simple looking in the end!  It took me longer to find all the coordinating papers and leaves and buttons than it did to actually put these cards together!  Don’t get me wrong, that was half the fun… I love my paper!  So sorting through the thousands of 12×12 sheets just to find four perfectly coordinated pieces was as equally enjoyable as seeing it all come together on the card in the end!

Fall Cards_0003

I mean, can I point out that the glittered leaves bring out the glitter in one of the papers? And that the reds and browns match with the plaid?  These are not from matching stacks people!  (Ahem, well… I suppose they could be… I tend to separate my stacks out by color to organize them.  But then it would be equally amazing that I found these specifically coordinated pages among my sorted piles…)

Anyway.  Beyond that, I’m excited to finish this project because I actually am using these cards for a specific purpose.  I plan on writing notes of encouragement to some of my MOPS mamas who are going to be Discussion Group Leaders (DGL) this year.  I’m their coordinator for the year, and having been a DGL last year, I know that well-timed notes can have a lot of impact.  Hopefully my words to them can be as encouraging as those I’ve received in the past.  Believe it or not, I generally write better than I speak, especially when it comes to the in-crucial-moments mushy-gushy mumbo-jumbo.  See?  I totally write well.  ;)

Fall Cards_0001

I don’t often mass produce cards (I realize 8 cards isn’t really mass producing, but whatever), but I’m really excited to use these fall notes… because IT’S FALL!

And fall is my favorite.  Because Fall.  And MOPS.  And Fall.  (Have I mentioned Pumpkin Spice Lattes?  Because I totally got one already with my Starbucks Fan Pass).

And now I feel like this post is starting to ramble.  I did mention earlier it was getting late as I’m writing this right?

Fall.  Cards.  Bedtime.


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