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Fall Table Mat for GG


Because we have 4 generations that are mentioned on this blog, it can get a little confusing! I’m Sam’s mom, my mom lives nearby, and Sam is Abbi and Ella’s mom, and Sam and I have projects that include any or all of these generations! So today, I’m officially tagging my mom as “GG”, as she has become known since becoming the Great-Grandmother that she longed to be. 


My mom, GG, is a water-drinker. She is the most conscientious water-drinker I know. Every day, at least 2 quarts (don’t say liters!) of water are sipped and gulped down. To keep track, she has a 1-quart jug and a drinking glass that sits beside her. Empty it twice, and mission accomplished. 

Do you have a favorite spot to sit at your home? I think most people create a little nesting spot in their homes — their chair, their tabletop area, their amenities nearby. I do: one end of my couch. And GG does: her dining room table, which she has set up with a cute lamp, a small pile of mail, notepad and pen, and her water jug and drinking glass, all facing the television. But because that table is real wood, she’s always concerned about not damaging it with moisture from the jug and glass. 



I set up a facsimile of GG’s water jug and glass at my house, since I haven’t given her the table mat yet. I’m the one with #allthecookbooks and love to sit down with a stack of them to browse through and collect ideas. I usually have either a glass of water or a cup of coffee when I do.

Two springtimes ago, I made GG this “mug rug” for her water. Not technically a mug rug, but you get the idea — big enough to protect the table from any stray drops and drips, and a bit nicer than the folded dishtowel she had been using. My mom likes Nice. And she’s used that wildly bright springtime-looking mat ever since I gave it to her, through fall and winter, back through the spring and summer seasons again, and here we are in September. I do believe it is time for a new, more seasonal mat! 


Using a “stitch and flip” technique with strips of fabric on a dense polyester fleece lining material (Pellon’s Thermolam), I whipped up this cheery, colorful, but more fall-toned mat for my mom’s water jug and drinking glass. 



I hope she likes this more seasonal mug rug aka table mat! These colors are more hers than the pink and turquoise one I made previously, that’s for sure. 


This mug rug for GG’s water jug and glass is my Fall 2015 Challenge fabric project, and it was really fun to pick and choose from amongst my neglected fabrics and fabric fat quarters. I love fabric and color! 


Happy Stitching! 

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