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So I read a lot of books.  Granted, I’ve read a lot more books in the last 8 weeks (hello middle of the night nursing time) than I had all year… but overall I’m a pretty avid reader!  And I’ve become one of those readers that has multiple books going at the same time.  I read so many genres of books that sometimes I need a break from one type… or it’s just not the right timing for a certain kind of book.  (Hello middle of the night nursing time… ha… not the time to read anything heavy or requiring brain power)  ;)


And what happens when I go to put that book down for the first time?  I grab whatever is handy to use as a bookmark.  See above: bobby pin, hair tie, burp rag (hope that was clean!).

So this week I decided to make myself some bookmarks.  A fun little project, made just from my scrap pile o’ paper and a dictionary we used on this project years ago.  Oh!  And I broke out the sewing machine for some fun finishing detail!


I made 5 bookmarks total.  Fun paper on one side, with solid paper with a window to a definition on the other.  And all the words I picked had to do with a kind of book I might put them in!  It was fun and frustrating to pick the words… because I had pulled pages out of that dictionary in the past, about half the words I searched for were missing!  I decided on “classic” for either classic literature, or right now it is in the biography of Michelangelo.  “Learn” and “study” for books I read for my small group.  “Faith” for books I’m reading about God or parenting.  “Enjoy” for just-for-fun reads.  And “WORD” for all the books that just don’t fall into one of the other categories.  


My new bookmarks are properly distributed, the bobby pin and hair tie are in my hair… and I’m off to put that burp rag in the laundry.  Ha!


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