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Baby in a Bag

Baby-in-a-Bag Photo Prop

Keeping it short and sweet this Monday! Exactly the same as little Miss Ella all snuggled up in merino wool for her photo op! Isn’t she precious?

You may have seen this picture and a sneak peek at my knitting pass through your Instagram feed if you follow us on Instagram. Here we are — do it!!

I think Ella looks so cozy and content swaddled in this knitted bag. This is a bag I knit for Sam to use as a prop in her newborn photography business. It isn’t meant as an actual swaddler — obviously a drawstring at the neck is not advised for functional baby items. Be smart, moms! Also, Ella is a little older than the intended picture subject so it isn’t fitting her just right.

Things happen when I walk into displays of yarn, especially when I see merino wool. All the warmth of wool, none of the scratch of other wools, way more affordable than cashmere. Absolutely perfect for babies! I end up calling Sam, texting pictures of skeins, and consulting on projects.

A few weeks ago, a first-time visit to Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, WA led to a DIY version of a prop she’d been admiring from a vendor. I couldn’t resist offering her the chance at this fluffy, bulky, hand-dyed colorful merino yarn. Almost a roving yarn, it is extremely low twist which keeps it fluffy and warm. And all the colors included — navy in all its shades, medium to dark purples, and all the blended shades of both — keep it interesting but don’t take over a photo.

After several “frogged” (“rip-it” out) attempts to get the top edge to work, I met with success. But by then, Ella wasn’t a folded-origami newborn any longer! Given a curled up one week old, the bag would stretch out, get shorter, and the drawstring eyelets would tuck inside the little neck folds. That’s the plan, anyway. 

I might just have to be knitting another … there was that gorgeous teal. 

Happy knitting! 


PS Snapdragon Studios Photography — check it out! 

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