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Collage Tag: The Wind in Your Hair


Can you just feel the wind in your hair on a warm sunny day, cruising down the road in a convertible sportscar? 

I’ve been hanging out with a scrapbooking and papercrafting crowd on the internet, and on National Scrapbooking Day this past Saturday, May 2, there was a lot of activity. 

I mean, a LOT. Sales, give-aways, contests, all day get-togethers of hundreds of people all over the country … so many ways to be involved. I was going to hand out compliments to my internet friends when they shared their projects, winnings, and super-sale finds, but wasn’t really planning on participating personally.

Until this one challenge came up: Create a scrapbook layout, card, or other papercrafty type of project using Red, Yellow, and Blue. 


For some reason I started thinking about this challenge. Maybe it was the fact that the challenge was a color challenge that captured my attention. After all, we don’t call this blog 2 Create in Color for no reason ;)  Red, yellow, and blue are the most basic of colors. The primary colors from which we mix all others. Three of the highest energy colors used together have a lot of punch! 

It didn’t take long for our sunny spring weather to have me thinking of a bright red car, hot yellow sunshine, and blue sky and seas. And then that image would not leave me alone!


I finally went looking for supplies to put together a tiny project just for myself, so that urge would be satisfied. Checked all my scrapbooking stickers and embellishments for a red car. Nothing! Not in the travel or vacation stuff, not in the little boy stuff, not in the red stuff. OK, hmm…

… magazines! Standing in my craft room trying to think if I had some magazines for tearing up hanging around, or deciding whether to just go grab a stack from downstairs, I realized I was facing some stuff that was topped by two old Consumer Reports annuals. Picked them up, and right by my thumb was this little red car. 


Serendipity, I love you! 

At only 1 1/2″ long, I really was able to make this a tiny project. The tag is a #6 size: 2 5/8″ x 5 1/4″.

I tore paper, stuck down tape, chopped up paper, swiped with ink pads, and scribbled with pens. It was fabulous! 

I shared my little project, collected some accolades, and now I have this little tag for when I need a moment of mental escape… aaah, to feel the warm wind in my hair on one of our cool, drizzly western Washington days! 


Happy mental-escaping! :) 


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