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Jelly Bean’s Baby Shower

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Invitation

Four weeks ago, I had the privelege and FUN of hostessing a family baby shower for Samantha and the baby-on-the-way, the Jelly Bean. With their family soon to be 3 girls and just one guy — poor daddy — the theme of Girl Power popped into my head. It almost immediately became Chick Power, what with it being so near Easter and with the idea of jelly beans already in my head.

I mean, really. How hard would it be to avoid Easter-like themes when you are throwing a baby shower, in April, for a baby that’s been known as the Jelly Bean the whole time? It was actually the end of March, but close enough!


I soon had 2 lbs of Cotton Candy flavored pink jelly beans on the way from the Jelly Belly company, and 80 little pink Peeps on the way from the Peeps company. While shopping Peeps, I found a couple of favors, their brand of jelly beans branded “Just Born” as well as this rockin’ onesie for big-sister-to-be: Chicks Rule. How could I not? So I did.

Then I got my Cricut dusted off and revved up and cut out a bunch of this adorable chick for invitations. It still makes me smile! I love this little chick!


So I made a bigger chick for a menu card. And an even bigger one for the front porch. Its picture is tucked into a photo collage a little farther down. 

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Menu Card

And although we’re missing a photo of the food table, I was thrilled to use my collection of vintage glass luncheon plates for the occasion. 

Pink dyed eggs in my egg cup collection decorated my mantle. Bowls of pink Jelly Bellies everywhere. More cute chicks :) :) :) and a sneak peek at a cake… 

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Chick Power

While the Cricut was all warmed up, I cut some pennants and the words Chick Power and Mama Hen to hang above my living room and dining room windows which face each other across a large space. Since I’d already bought tulle to make Abbi a tutu for the occasion, I went crazy and did some decorating with tulle even though we aren’t really frou-frou girls around here. But it was a baby shower for a baby girl, so why not?! 


Cakes are a thing in our families. So I made … three.

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Cakes

OK! I know! Three??? But two are small and one was chocolate! Sam had been having some chocolate cravings right when I was planning the food, so I had to make her a chocolate cake with decadent poured ganache to coat it. Pretty sure it solved everyone’s chocolate cravings. And I placed that chocolate cake on my grandmother’s cake plate, so that was special to me. Jelly Bean’s great-great grandmother was represented.

Then there were these two… 

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Lemon Filled

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Strawberry Filled

Have you ever taken a Wilton Cake Decorating class? If you’ve taken the one where you get a set of two little oval pans and they have been hanging around forever and you think you will never EVER end up using them, guess what?

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Egg-Shaped Cake

One split and lemon-filled oval for a small yellow egg-shaped cake, and one split and strawberry-filled oval for a pink jelly-bean-shaped cake. Just do a little trimming and they’re perfectly on-theme. (And now I know those pans will actually never be used again LOL)

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower Jelly Bean Shaped Cake

Oh, Peeps. What did I do with 80 pink Peeps? Above on the cakes you see two. Then I popped some of them onto the ends of the fruit skewers! Looked fun — totally on-theme! But… Big mess! Never do it again! LOL After that, I sent some packages home with whomever wanted them and kept some for myself :) 

Three gift baskets for game prizes… so much fun to put together little gift baskets! Garden theme — herbs, seeds, gloves, lotion and sunscreen. Chocolate theme — chocolate. Lots of chocolate, including chocolate Peeps! And a mug for the mug cake mix! Easter basket — a couple of chick candies (no bunnies — chicks only! do you know how hard that was???) some nail polish called “Sun Candy” which I thought was appropriate, and various other goodies. And hey, look, the front porch chick and Mama Hen banner ended up here. 


No pics of the most fun game (in my opinion!) Everyone wrote down their choice of name for the Jelly Bean onto numbered tags. Then we had races with those wind-up chicks, and then the winner’s name choice would be Jelly Bean’s name! Oddly enough… well, that’s Sam’s story to tell ;) But grown ladies racing 4 wind-up chicks … well, let’s say it brings out the kid in ya! 

Did the Peeps company make this Chicks Rule onesie just for us? I think so. One blurry pic, because that Abbi girl does NOT hold still! Of course, I made her a tutu to coordinate with it. And here are some more baby shower moments… a gift for Abbi, welcoming guests (I think that’s Nona at the door,) and all three Chicks including the Jelly Bean!


One happily exhausted grandma Gail, Abbi, Sam, and Nona Diane, now ready for the Jelly Bean’s arrival! 

Jelly-Bean-Baby-Shower -- Generations of Chicks



PS Thanks to Sam and her new phone for some good pics! There are some missing moments, and some gaps are filled with quick (bad) phone pics of my own that were really never meant to go public, but hey. It’s for a good cause! And thanks to Sam for making the fruit skewers for her own shower. Notes: Rite-Aid, World Market, and Target for gift basket contents. Paper plates: Target. Chick invitation supplies: Art ‘n Soul, Olympia, WA and Stamp-a-Doodle, Bellingham, WA and my stash! Peepsandcompany.com and jellybelly.com for the sweets. Tulle from where else but JoAnn. Flowers provided by Finishing Touch Florists. Click for Spring Quinoa Salad recipe. Cashew Crunch Jello Salad created with the help of a wonderful Facebook group I am happy to still be a part of even after 300 comments about Jello happened. 

  • dhill - Gail, you are a valued and very welcomed member of the group. Nowhere else on earth do so many ladies get that enthused about chatting about Jello recipes. Lol

    I’m so happy to finally see all the beeeautiful pictures of cakes, decor, gifts and smiling faces.

    P. S. Did the chick race winner actually name little Jelly Bean?04.27.2015 – 9:00pmReplyCancel

  • Anna Carpenter - I LOVE IT ALL !!! You did a fantastic job!!04.27.2015 – 9:06pmReplyCancel

  • Alfie - Lots of work – everything looks great – and so well worth it – I’m certain a good time was had by all.04.27.2015 – 11:23pmReplyCancel

  • becca - You rock mom04.27.2015 – 11:23pmReplyCancel

  • Diane Johnston - What a beautiful family and a very cute shower idea. Everything sounds and looks so yummy. You must have had a very special time.04.28.2015 – 1:54pmReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Rice - wow!! Loved seeing your pics! Nice shower!!05.03.2015 – 1:09pmReplyCancel

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