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A Real Breakfast

Apple Breakfast Oatmeal_0001

Ugh, you guys.  It has been a ROUGH few weeks in our house.  Good at times (lots of big fun events), but rough in between it all.  Abbi is teething… and those blasted molars are killing us all.  

Killing. Us.  (<– when did my independent babe become a clingy drama queen?  “ooo, i stepped on a toy?” = enter epic meltdown here)

And on top of that she caught a lovely (um, so NOT lovely) stomach bug this weekend that subsequently took out my in-laws (they watched her for us Sat night) and then me and Aaron later this week.  

So this morning when I actually woke up feeling like I wanted to eat something substantial, I knew it was time to get baking.  I wanted peanut butter, and I wanted to use some of the 49-cents-a-pound-fujis I bought way too many of.  All this in hopes of a good breakfast and postponing today’s first meltdown for at least half an hour.  ;)

Thankfully one of the food blogs I have a constant love affair with came to the rescue with this recipe for Baked Peanut Butter Apple Oatmeal.  

Apple Breakfast Oatmeal_0003

I didn’t make any significant changes to the recipe, although I didn’t measure very carefully, so there *may* have been extra peanut butter and brown sugar in my mix.  And I used a pan that doesn’t quite equal that of an 8×8, but I think that the thicker bake made for an oatmeal that, while still done all the way through, seems to be not as dry as her bake might have turned out.  NOT saying hers is dry (and recognizing you can only tell so much from photos), I just like my oatmeal more on the moist side these days, and this definitely delivered.  

Apple Breakfast Oatmeal_0004

All that being said, when I originally sat down to write this post the oatmeal was going to be an aside, and the post was going to be about the new background boards I made.  But then I got talking about oatmeal… and now I think I’ll wait on the other photos I have of the background boards (they are reversible, btw!) and save those for a second post.  Maybe two in a week?!  What?!

So now you can go plan to make some Peanut Butter Apple Oatmeal bake for tomorrow or this weekend, and you can come back and see more about my sweet backgrounds later.  :)


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