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Jute Crochet Bracelet


Everytime I am on vacation, you all know what my go-to craft is: crochet! 


My visit to sunny Arizona had me in the mood for a new piece of summer jewelry, so a quick visit to Michaels — OK, not so quick, but just on this one mission — found me this combo pack of various natural fibers and some cool rustic beads in the jewelry department. 


They’re not labeled, but could be hemp, jute (basically the same thing) or who knows what else. Hemp jewelry is all the rage, but this particular strand I chose from the collection is much more jute-like. 


Some browsing on the internet after our busy days led me to this particular pattern from Craftsy, which I then adapted to fit my particular size of fiber and beads. 


Single crochets and chains is all it takes, but connecting the parts as you crochet to form this shell-like pattern is challenging — but only the first time. Then everything clicks and 30 minutes later you’ve got a bracelet! 


I’m hoping to get a tan line from it :) 

Happy crocheting! 


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