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Quick Shelf Runner

Quick Table Runner_0001

If you follow our Instagram (see sidebar if you don’t!) you know I went fabric shopping the other night.  And the miraculous thing is I actually did the project I bought the fabric for that evening & the next morning.

It’s been in use for two whole days and I’m finally getting the post up!

Quick Table Runner_0002

Nothing fancy, but just a quick runner to top these cube Ikea shelves we just got for toy storage.  I didn’t want the top getting super scratched up.  The teal, gray, and orange match the colors we already have going on in that room, and I just kind of like that they are the same pattern of fabric, but in fun colors.  :)

Quick Table Runner_0003

I actually made the two sides different too, one has 12 inch blocks and the other 6 inch blocks.  Because I might get bored with one?  Who knows, I just wanted a little variety, I doubt anyone would notice if I flipped it besides me.  And you, maybe… if you look closely at the two middle photos in the photo collage above.  See?  See?  ;)

Actually, speaking of, don’t look too closely at the photos… they may have come off my phone.  Too lazy to get out the big camera.  Although, that reminds me I should grab it now… headed to the beach for the night and tomorrow and it might be nice to take a few pics and just have fun with it!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


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