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About Us, Take 2

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So we’ve been lacking on posts because we suddenly realized early this week that our blog had basically reverted to the previous week’s version.  Two posts, some site revisions, and our bio shtuff all just up and disappeared… not just disappeared from your viewing pleasure but all traces completely vanished from our back-end too…  SO. WEIRD.  

We tried a couple of things to restore what was lost, but between the combination of our backups not being timed quite so well to when the loss happened, and neither Mom or I completely understanding all the techy stuff that goes on behind the scenes, I threw in the towel today and just decided to re-do those changes.  *sigh*  It’s actually gone quicker than I thought… maybe I shouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to figure out what happened.  who knows.  ANYWAY.

BABY!  Let’s just focus on that cuteness up there, instead of the mystery that revolves around our blog issues…

About Us!_0001

Thank goodness we didn’t have to re-do the photos we took for our bio stuff!  Which by the way, you can visit once again over there in our sidebar  :)  

But you might’ve already seen all this before, two weeks ago, when I posted it the first time…  <insert another *sigh* here>

About Us!_0002About Us!_0003

And because no photo shoot would be complete without some outtakes and baby love, I’ll leave you with those last few gems of us.  (again.)


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